The Oven Repair Company (referred to as TORC) Terms & Conditions of Service


Booking your Repair & our General Terms & Conditions
a. When you call The Oven Repair Company (TORC), we always reasonably assume that you have read and understood our Terms and Conditions.

Booking a repair and your initial call –
a. During the initial call, a diagnosis of the fault will be carried out to identify what is required to get your oven back up & running.
b. It is essential that all available information is given to ensure an accurate diagnosis of the likely fault. we will always endeavour to offer a confirmed quote based on the fault as described, and specific to your make / model of oven. The quote will include the callout, labour time on-site and parts. We do not currently charge VAT.
c. On occasion we will be unable to narrow the fault down to a specific issue during the initial call, as there may be more than 1 potential cause, where this happens, we will still quote based on each potential issue.
d. TORC does not offer free callouts / free estimates on site as all repairs are quoted during the initial call.

Repair Appointment Date
a. Once a quote has been agreed, we will agree a suitable appointment date.
b. The evening prior to the appointment date, we will send a text confirming both the appointment itself and also the time that we expect to arrive at.

Rescheduling / Cancelling your repair –
a. If you need to cancel / reschedule, simply let us know by phone (0141 375 1907 / 0131 202 1038), text 07922 856386 or email [email protected]

Health Check –
a. During your repair, we will carry out a general health check to identify any other faults not associated with the fault quoted. If during this we do find that there are other faults evident, then we will discuss these with you to determine if any repair is still cost effective.
b. If the decision based on these new faults is that you choose not to go ahead with any repair, inc. the repair for which we are attending, then a call-out fee will be charged; however, we will confirm this to you during the initial call and is to cover fuel, etc. (typically around £35).

Paying for your repair –
a. Unlike most companies, we do NOT take payment up-front.
b. Once your quotation & booking are complete, you agree to pay the agreed amount by cash or debit card to the engineer at the end of the First Repair Appointment.
c. Invoice payment will only be accepted if agreed in advance, and any invoice payment not made by BACs within 24hrs of work completion will incur a £25 administration fee

Parking fees –
a. Any parking fees or extra fees of any kind will be the responsibility of the customer to reimburse the engineer directly on the day of the visit.

No Fix, No Fee –
a. This applies where we have quoted based on accurate information given during the initial call, but where we have incorrectly identified the fault and the price increases to more than the original maximum quote. If this happens then we will not make any charges.
b. Whilst we pride ourselves on accurately identifying 95% of all faults during the initial call, on occasion this is not possible. On these occasions, we will quote on the initial call if a call-out charge will apply to allow us to visit and identify the actual fault. If, on arrival, you are happy to accept the repair quote based on what we find, then there will be no call-out charge as this would be covered under the quote. If you decide not to go ahead with the confirmed repair, then the No Fix, No Fee will not apply and the call-out charge will still apply.

Call-Out charge –
a. Call-out charges are, unless specifically stated otherwise, including in the initial quotation. Where we are carrying out a simple diagnostic appointment as the faulty cannot be identified over the phone, this charge would be applied. Typically, and unless otherwise started, this would be £58 and will include call-out and the labour time needed to carry out a diagnostic test.
b. Any parts that might be required to complete a repair are not included in this fee and a second visit fee may be charged to fit these.
c. Call-out Charges are payable directly to the Engineer on the first visit to your property.
d. In the case of rental properties / business properties where the bill payer will not be present, payment may be required at the point of booking. If an Engineer attends and diagnoses a fault which then leads to a repair quotation, the Call-out Charge is payable whether you decide to proceed or not.

What is NOT covered in initial quote –
a. Any parts required unless specifically discussed during the booking.
b. Any subsequent / additional faults during the initial appointment or after the part(s) are fitted to cure the initial fault as described and any parts or labour required to fix these faults are not included in this repair and will be charged at an extra cost. This is currently a standard return call labour charge of £35 but may differ depending on area and appliance type.
c. Any second, third etc. appliances to be worked on at each visit will be charged at £35 per extra appliance and will be invoiced on top of the original call-out charge. Any refund for any part(s) fitted which is a special order whether the fault was cured or not.

Range style ovens –
a. If the appliance is a Range style oven, then we would normally ask that you have the appliance removed from its position before the engineers visit in order for work on all four sides of appliance without any restrictions.
b. If this is not possible then the engineer will normally be happy to carry out this task and will take all necessary care and precautions but he/she or the company will not be liable for any damage to the appliance, flooring, cupboards or pipework (inc. disturbance to the gas supply).

a. Guarantee Periods (Repair Guarantee) –
b. All repairs are covered for a minimum 6 months on parts and 1 month on labour; however, we also recognise that customer service is essential to our success and so we will always review any issues with a common sense approach.
c. Any parts supplied by our customers are not protected by any warranty as this will be between you and the supplier; however, our labour guarantee will still apply.
d. Should you need to have the engineer return after a repair, and if the fault relates to work carried out on the previous visit, then any related repair will be resolved by the Engineer and there will be no further charge.
e. If the Engineer attends and finds that the re-visit relates to a new fault or a separate fault that was not reported on the original repair booking, you may be required to pay a Callout Charge of £35.

Excluded Parts – The following components are excluded from the Repair Guarantee:
a. Door parts, including handles, glass and fixtures
b. Door seals
c. Cosmetic parts including knobs, facias, trims and decor surrounds
d. Lamps / Bulbs / LEDs
e. Internal furniture including shelves, door shelves and baskets

Invalidating Guarantee
a. Once TORC have completed a repair, a repair guarantee is made to ensure that the repair has been completed correctly.
b. In instances where the customer claims that the repair has not been effective, the repairing Engineer must have the opportunity to inspect the appliance and if needed, rectify the issue.
c. In the event that a 3rd Party or Independent Engineer has attended, we reserve the right to void any Guarantee Period. TORC will not reimburse any 3rd Party Service Fees nor refund for any previous repair if we have not had the opportunity to inspect the appliance before the intervention of a 3rd Party.

Spare Parts
a. Our Engineers carry a wide selection of commonly used spare parts. Given the vast range of parts for all appliance types and makes / models, it is impossible for Engineers to carry everything therefore there may be instances where parts will need to be ordered. If parts need to be ordered, you will be advised of the cost and ETA of the spare part/s before agreeing to continue with the repair.
b. All spare part orders normally need to be paid for prior to TORC placing the part order.
c. Spare parts are non returnable and non refundable once fitted unless they are faulty in which case we will replace any faulty part free of charge whilst it’s in our Guarantee Period.

Parts Availability
a. In instances where parts are out of stock with our suppliers and have to be ordered, there may be a delay for these parts. If your repair is affected by parts that are out of stock, you will be advised of the possible delay and given a maximum lead time before agreeing to the continuation of the repair prior to TORC ordering the spare parts needed. All spare part orders need to be paid for prior to TORC placing the part order unless agreed in advance. If any spare part exceeds the lead time and you wish to cancel the order, TORC will refund in full the cost of the spare part/s when a request has been made. We do not refund any Callout Charge paid in this instance. If parts have been ordered; however, you decide not to go ahead prior to the part/s being fitted, then a 50% restocking fee will be deducting from the amount paid for parts (this is the fee we get charged from the manufacturers on some parts). If the part ordered was a “special order part” then there will be no refund as these special parts are normally paid for in advance by us and can’t be returned to the manufacturer.

Spare Part Identification from model details –
a. In order for us to obtain spare part information from our suppliers, we need the full and specific appliance data from a rating plate on the appliance. This information will include the full model number, serial number and where applicable, any factory / product codes. Because of the wide variants of parts for even the same model machines, without this information in full, we may not be able to identify any parts required and therefore will not be able to continue with a repair.
b. In instances where we cannot identify spare parts needed to complete a repair, the Callout is non-refundable. TORC will contact you in this instance advising you that we cannot source parts and ask you to contact the manufacturer as it may have been in warranty at some point – They then may be able to give you that data. If you are able to source parts, we will re-attend to fit any parts obtained with no extra charge, unless they are incorrect or faulty.

Obscure Brands / Foreign made but British Badged appliances –
a. In instances where we attend a repair and it is determined that parts are required, we will do our utmost to source any spare parts from our Direct Authorised Suppliers. In instances where appliances are built in foreign factories and therefore do not offer support for spare part availability to the general trade in the UK, we will notify you and ask that you contact the retailer where you bought the appliance with a view to sourcing the part/s yourself. We will then return at a later date to fit parts that you have been successful in sourcing.
b. In instances where neither you or us can identify spare parts needed to complete a repair, the Callout Charge is non-refundable.

“Fitted part/s but now also requires” –
a. In instances where an Engineer determines by means of testing that a part is faulty, all efforts will be made to further investigate and identify any other faulty part on the appliance. In some instances, an Engineer might need to rectify one fault to find another, especially where PCB’s (Printed Circuit Boards) and other Control Devices are concerned. When a spare part has been identified as faulty and that part is paid for and replaced, if another fault or part is then identified as faulty, we will quote you for the part in the same way.
b. A part that has been fitted to your appliance is not returnable and non refundable unless the new part is faulty and / or the Engineer has mis-diagnosed the faulty part.
c. In the event of a suspected mis-diagnosis, the Engineer will clearly demonstrate to the customer that the original part was faulty and needed replacing.

Spare Part Prices –
a. Parts that TORC supply and fit are sourced either from Manufacturers directly or via a 3rd Party Distributer. Our prices are set by our Quotes Team / Main Engineer and all parts are quoted for before you agree to purchase the part from us.
b. Once you have accepted the quote and paid for a spare part order, we do not reimburse any price difference if the same part can be found cheaper online.
c. TORC will never indicate in any way that the price you pay is the cheapest available so we do not offer a Price Match on spare parts.

Self Sourced Parts –
a. If the customer chooses to buy their own parts form another supplier that were available from TORC as quoted, you will need to notify us that you are sourcing your own parts.
b. In instances where a customer supplies their own parts, TORC will advise of the cost to fit these parts prior to attending. All payments for part fit visits must be made at the point of booking.

Complaints Procedure
a. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes from time to time. However, we also recognise that customer service is essential to our success and so we will always review any issues with a common sense approach.
b. In the unlikely event that you wish to make a complaint about your repair, please phone (0141 375 1907 / 0131 202 1038), text (07922 856386) or email [email protected]
c. Where possible, we prefer to keep things simple, and so in rare cases only would we ask that complaints need to be emailed so there is an audit trail of what’s being complained about and what the resolution was.

Privacy Policy
a. Personal Data – We do not share your details with any 3rd parties that are not directly involved with your specific repair
b. Card Payments – We do not store credit card details nor do we share payment details with any 3rd parties

Amending these Terms & Conditions

General Disclaimer
a. The Oven Repair Company has done its best to ensure the accuracy of the material contained in this website but makes no express or implied warranties or representations about any of the content of this website. TORC accepts no responsibility for loss or damage which may arise from reliance on information or advice contained in this website and shall not be liable for any typographical or other errors or emissions within the material contained in this website or any other web site linked to it.

Amending these Terms & Conditions –
a. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and without notice. Any such changes will take effect when posted on the website and it is your responsibility to read these terms and conditions each time you place a booking. By placing a booking you are indicating your acceptance to be bound by the latest terms and conditions. A full copy of the current terms and conditions can be downloaded from this website.

– Terms Effective Date – 01/08/2020

Our guarantee to you

To talk through and identify the likely fault, allowing us to give you an accurate upfront quote and to ensure we are able to carry out a full repair on our 1st visit. And if we can’t fix it, there is no call-out fee!

Types of Oven Repairs Undertaken

  • Oven / Grill not heating
  • Replacement elements
  • Broken door glass & handles
  • Thermostat causing under or overheating
  • Fan motor noisy or not working
  • Smoke or unpleasant smell from oven/grill
  • Broken control buttons, clock, interior bulbs and many more...

Just a few testimonials

“I thought I needed to replace my oven but it turned out to be a simple repair, massive thanks, would definitely recommend”.

Mrs S Rose, Kilwinning

“Very fast response through the website, lovely engineer and couldn’t be any more helpful”.

Mr F Menzies, Edinburgh

“We were going to buy a new oven, but decided to price a repair. Andy arrived next day with a new element and fixed my oven on his first visit!.

Mrs J Shields, Johnstone

thanks you